“Ripping the Bandage” treatment centers

If you find yourself in environments that understand the process of healing as, “ripping the bandage off“, you need to rethink your placement. If wounds are continually reopened through the processes of said, “healing“, then you are in the wrong place. Wounds heal with intentional care and gentleness, emotional processes are equally aligned with that fact of our physicality. The ignorance associated with mental health processes of yesteryear unfortunately still continue today, particularly in places where people draw from their own limited understandings. The process of healing in the hands of those who have no understanding of humanity is a grievous ill to our society.

Everyone has hurts that need to be healed, my challenge today is to consider how your wound is being addressed. Are you constantly revisiting the wound? Why is that? Places that contribute to true healing focus on the mending. Bludgeoning a wound is not part of that mending process. Seek places that understand what it means to lovingly close a wound and restore a person to health, that is extremely important to the process.

Brokenness is a relative term, be very careful about whom it is that you allow to define your wounds. Wounds are that which are debilitating to your existence. Those hurdles that keep you from experiencing the joy of truly relating to others or functioning in daily life with some successful capability. Individual awareness about what is disruptive to you, as a person, is the starting point for the discussion and the need. Take the time to consider the wound to be addressed and with whom, the intentionality will be a vital component on the road to recovery.

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