Caught or Taught?

The reality is that what we become is often more caught than taught. Most of life is lived in a subconscious mode. The cognitive processes only surface when there is an actual awareness of some type of learning. I can’t necessarily define this as a deficiency, just a factual reality of our human experience. Intentionality is best obtained through those seasons of actual awareness. Living in an awakened state is determinative for the direction and purpose of each and every generation.

Abstract learning techniques are implemented throughout life in various forms for various instructional purposes but the most true form of learning only happens through those processes that awakens us to a reality in a personal sense. The particular realizations of this sort are the best groundwork for personal growth or redirection. The starts and stops of any progressive living become more clearly ingrained as a result of personal experience. Exploration is part of the process of development and the beneficial wisdom obtained from that exploration is that which can and will be implemented in a futuristic way.

Impartation of such knowledge, can help to awaken the understandings of those who are yet to trek those pathways. However, it is important to say that, in those seasons, comprehension may or may not happen but the gleanings and impartations are not to be defined or categorized as wasted time.

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