Have you ever been in a circumstance where you feel totally helpless, being without the assistance of another and loathing the absence therein? Being able to make and maintain eye contact in such instances feels paramount to life. Knowing there is someone that is for you, in those situations, means more than anyone can ever express. To think that all is gone, without hope, is the most terrifying scenario imaginable. It is mentally, emotionally and physically excruciating to helplessly observe as your existence fades away.

To understand that there are people in the world with a mindset determined to intervene is unfathomable. A person giving and risking their life to affirm the safety of another is unmistakably the most heroic attribute anyone could every embody. Being seen, in the midst of a crisis, describes the very essence of the world “elation” and knowing that you are valued, in just such a way, is without question, a most heart warming experience.

What we value internally determines what happens in those instances and honestly, in some capacity, every person has those heroic opportunities afforded to them everyday. Being the recipient of such bravery definitely infuses the desire to not only see but act, especially when those instances occur elsewhere. In the past year, I have entered into a process of personal healing and have been able to do so with individuals of heroic proportion alongside. Every act of good will and courage builds on the foundation of our character and who we are at the center of our being inevitably surfaces in those circumstances of crisis. Heroism and the beauty of such cannot be contained. As I recollect on my experience, I feel blessed by those who have not only observed but responded to my need. Today, my gratefulness abounds.

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