Those magic moments

Today I’m thinking of those moments in time that hold some sort of magical remembrances. Those times that can’t be bought or sold. Those unexpected instances where every sense is awakened to the wonder of being alive. Have you ever had those moments? Have you been cognizant of those moments? There is a difference. Magical moments exist, whether it be in a dramatic skyline, an enthralling song, an instance of overwhelming joy embodied by being with the perfect people, in a perfect place, for one perfect moment. Those moments that are so rare but true. I would guess that most everyone can relate. A little snapshot of heaven on earth captured through circumstances that cannot be conjured.

I’ve had those experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I cannot say that those moments happen often but I think that is why they are so cherished. It’s like every part of humanity aligns for just a brief instance and I have the joy of feeling with totality and the rarity of that is the treasure.

In retrospect, I ask myself, “what was that?” And often I hear a hushed internal voice reply, “a gift“. I breathe in what I can’t otherwise understand and add to my thankful heart.

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