Feeling loved

Do you consider yourself loved? If so, why? Personally, I think that there are a myriad of people in the world that interact daily but honestly, do not understand love or ever even feel loved. Why is that? Drawing from my own life, I have a few considerations on that matter. We often deem association as relation and I’m here to tell you that is not love. How many people, on a daily basis do you encounter or interact with from the standpoint of superficiality and yet qualify that as your sphere of loving? I am realistic in the understanding that there is an ebb and flow of life and that time nor opportunity often affords us substantive relating but understanding the importance of such is vital to a fulfilled existence.

I don’t know why it happens so often, this shallow relating, but it grieves my heart to never be able to get beyond. Within the last few days, I’ve attended the funeral of a close family friend and have been reacquainted with many who have journeyed through life with my family. I found it interesting to ride the emotional waves of relational exchange. Those situations do not often provide for substantive interaction but the comfort versus ill ease was indicative of what most everyone feels in everyday living. What is that dynamic and how do we curb the prolonged emotional drought of that which empties rather than fills our existence?

We talk about the weather and ailments and jobs and kids, we cover the surface of our existence and say that we have communicated, when in reality, most every day of our life, we all go virtually unknown. For me, a lifetime of such, is maddening yet there seems to be an inability to delve deeper and in actuality there can be no expectation of such.

It is a rare instance to have discussion with people who talk with heart language. When I encounter those people who have that interactive ability, no matter how long it has been since I’ve interacted with them, I feel a kinship. Their emotional self is accessible, not in some over the top way, but there is an ability to speak emotionally and that creates trust, interest, personal vulnerability as well as a sense of knowing and being known. I can walk away from those types of interactions and feel as if I understand humanity a bit more, as well as, being filled with a sense of real connectivity myself. I know that doesn’t happen with just everyone but if you have those people with whom you can relate, with substance, you are blessed and better for that fact.

The ability to be honest and relate with honesty is not accessible in every relationship. The reasons are vast, judgment, criticism, jealousy, all examples of that which divide. It is uncommon to encounter people who are realistic about themselves to the point that they can easily be realistic with anyone else.

This is just my line of thinking for today, I am very grateful when I have those instances of connectivity but I am convinced that it doesn’t happen without coming to terms with ourselves first. The ease which occurs finds its grounding in the substance of who we are, the introspective viewpoint is what allows for those meaningful encounters. Today, take time to notice the levels at which you relate, I think you will find it interesting to see how often you dive below the surface in your relatability. In the attempt, the appreciation factor will be more recognizable and hopefully, like myself, you too will begin to crave more substantive and meaningful relating.

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