Wanting and not having

I’d rather want something that I don’t have than have something I don’t want“. I read this quote today and felt an understandable association. It was spoken in regard to prolonged singleness but I think it is true of many areas of our life. Knowing who we are and what we want in life is paramount for contented living. If I know that I am within the parameters of myself, in the way I live or the choices I make, then I feel no sense of disappointment with myself. If what you want is not available to you, then that is just a fact, no one can make the fulfillment of desire happen. Why it happens easier for some individuals than others, I cannot explain. I have been called, picky, independent, stubborn, etc but the fact is I’m not a person to gamble a 24/7 lifestyle for what might seem tolerable at the moment. Knowing oneself is important and that plays a significant role in our ability to live and enjoy living. The intolerable aloneness or sense of craving often causes people to make decisions they otherwise would not have made. Is desire a bad thing? No, it is not but I definitely think it is an instigating factor for decision making and the comprehension of short sightedness versus a total investment is a significant difference to consider within the process.

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