What we know and love

I feel as if I must write these words today. I want to speak directly to the “remarkable” generation of parents today. You are playing a pivotal role in the formation and continuance of our great nation. I, like all of you, have lived through seasons of peace but that wasn’t always the case. I was recently reminded of that fact in a discussion about the depression with my father. To feel as if, the quiet is in some way lulling us to sleep, is somewhat disconcerting for my generation and beyond. I, in no way, wish for the return to yesteryear but I do want to take this opportunity to ask you all to listen to me. Our history is unprecedented and I do not want to ever lose sight of that fact. I know the temptation to read words on a page about the, “what was“, and take a test and immediately eradicate the information gathered. However, the appreciation factor, has to be maintained, our generation must keep the context of our existence in the forefront of the minds of those who will one day take the helm. The ease by which we go about life is mesmerizing because it speaks of great intellect and ingenuity. Yet, retaining our heritage, as a reference point, will keep us grounded and founded in what our country is most beloved for, “freedom“.

Like any family, throughout the years, we have had our battles and those often continue today but the objective is to remember, we are a family, founded on principle and freedom and the next generation needs to learn to hear, observe, be attentive and to protect and serve so that those values are maintained for the generations that are to come.

You may think that your recollections are not valued and you may feel frustrated with the immaturity that we’ve all known in regard to our youth but believe me when I say, what you do and say and share is being heard. One generation builds upon another and what I could not value in one season, I am now appreciating and loving today. Be consistent and live the beauty of your heritage our future depends on that which you impart.

In practicality, I would encourage you to visit historical sites. Not just to visit but to delve a little deeper. Tell the stories, allow the imaginative mind to wander through those events. I recall as a child visiting Washington D.C. and all the surrounding historical landmarks, I was enthralled with wonder. There is something magical about being at an actual historical place and hearing the recollections. What cannot be imagined in the abstract of a classroom, becomes very accessible with real and tangible observations. Take trips with intention, do your research, learning really can be fun for both you and your children. Utilize these opportunities to feed the informational curiosity that naturally exists in the heart and mind of a child. They will be better for the experience, as will our country.

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