Buck skin

I have never been more moved by a story/documentary than I was with that entitled, “Buck“. I watched as the tears trickled down my face, listening to a gentle soul who has courageously navigated the path of abuse to become a healer himself. The stages of development were accomplished through intensity, loving community, belonging, opportunity and indwelt insight and intuition. Buck Brannaman was conditioned as a child star, a prodigy in rodeo roping, yet the son of a man who saw nothing but utilitarian gain and possessiveness in regard to his children. Outside of stardom, he spoke of unfathomable abuse. As a small child his mind and body were scarred and had it not been for an insightful educator his story might have been very different. He was removed from his home of origin and placed with a family that understood his value, as a human being, and began to cultivate and shape his natural abilities and gentle presence into that which ultimately became his calling.

I was not enamored by this story based on any sense of similar abuse in my home of origin but because I saw a man who was remarkable. Yet, those traits in him were so fragile and vulnerable and it reminded me of the fact, that everyday the value of humanity is stolen by those who have no sense of humanity, their own or that of others.

I listened intently to the words of his adopted mother as she, with aged and trembling voice, described the exuberant worth and value that she saw in someone who had clearly become a wise and productive man.

The fragility of our worth is often inexpressible especially when considering those stages of development. Buck Brannaman became what is known as, “the horse whisperer“, he has the unique ability to tame, finesse and refine horses through both spoken word and the slightest touch. His inner being guides his every move and his experiences throughout his youth are foundational to his approach and success.

His wisdom, with an animal twice his size, is awe inspiring. As I watched, I learned so much. I learned what it meant to a man to feel vulnerable and powerless. I learned what it meant to a man to be valued and embraced when there was no frame of reference for such. I learned what it meant to a man to impart compassion from a true place of understanding. Although his work is primarily directed towards the horse, in tandem, he understands that they are relative animals and the owner is pivotal to their success or failure. It is from this place, that he finds a dual significance and that we can learn so much from the process.

I cannot stand the thought of dampening the fire that resides in the spirit of any being. I realize how powerless I am when I consider the magnitude of that statement yet it has the capacity to easily unclog my tear ducts. I truly believe that every person is born with an understanding of their beauty and wonder and worth, after all, children are some of the most uninhibited creatures in creation. It is those who implement the shaping element of their lives that are the decision makers for their direction, and sense of purpose. If you haven’t taken the time to watch this recollection of one man’s story, I’d highly encourage you to do so. The insight offered is both practical and profoundly meaningful to the understanding of humanity at large. I’m quite certain my gleanings will continue for a while in this regard. So watch and follow along.

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