I have spent a good portion of my life being governed by this particular term, “Accountability“. It is a word that honestly, I despise. I know the intent and the wherewithal of how it is used but in actuality, I believe it is the impetus for developmental impairment.

I am going to challenge this idealism in a community that thrives on blockages. The individual is created to be free. Am I ignorant of the fact that governing is a necessity for civility, I am not. However, maturity is dependent on our ability to relate with freedom and yet maintain our interactive integrity. If I am a person who needs to be corralled then I have stopped the progression of maturity within myself. Children are being shaped, they are learning what it means to be mature and responsible. At what point in our adult lives, do we feel confident enough to live without a continual governing eye. I realize there are stages of development but there is a point where those stages must be attempted and achieved.

You may be saying to me, that is only for the extremely healthy. I would have to agree, on some level, but does that argument constitute the heavy handed approach of accountability for everyone forever and always? I am not speaking in an anti-communal sense, community is a necessity and a supporting factor for everyone but the objective for maturity is to be able to fully develop and mature within the confines of personal integrity, honor and respect. You may also argue value systems, “what is acceptable to me, is not acceptable to you“. To that discussion, I say that a mature respect for humanity governs. Most every individual understands the meaning of viable and respectable behavior, those are most often learned in Kindergarten. However, I am very concerned about the prolonged developmental immaturity that the idea of unending “accountability” accommodates.

Community has a purpose and developmental preparedness is a significant value to be gleaned. Community supports and loves and gives us wings to fly. The community I have known has been about suppression and the mindset reflects that emphasis. Expansiveness allows us to breathe and those full, life giving breaths awaken us to the wonder of what is beyond our comprehension or ability to control. The miracles are diminished and the fire is dampened when we cannot explore with confidence within the development we have achieved.

There is so much that I have to learn. Developmentally I am a prism. I have accomplished tasks and I have tasks I’m just attempting and with that understanding, I lightly tip toe into this discussion but I will not hesitate simply because there are loopholes for developmental consideration. To not have the discussion about why I despise that word, is to allow for prolonged immaturity and to me, that is unacceptable. There are children, there are toddlers, there are adolescents, there are adults and there are elders, in every facet of life, and to govern every aspect as that which is necessary for children is unwarranted and grievous to my heart.

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