We live in a society that is guided by signs and visible indicators of every sort. We navigate the roadways in a physical sense through that process and yet psychologically we lessen the affects of those indicators everyday, especially, concerning our actual bodies. How we perceive ourselves, in light of reality, is very telling of our communal sense of health. This is not a shaming mantra but an alarm to awaken to the reality of how our culture has been dulled in the actual ability to see both ourselves and our circumstances in reality. Convenience conditions us and we all find ourselves lulled by the ease. To actually taste, see, hear and experience is something that has been lost to the virtual. What we perceive as good is contradictory to the substance that our bodies actually need and long for. The natural illumination is overshadowed by our need for continual stimulation.

I can tell you personally, my mind has gradually entered the roadway of unrest. It wasn’t an intentional trajectory, it was simply a process that happened by the instinct of gathering. Gathering information, gathering substance, gathering experience, gathering knowledge. I am not dismissing progress or the educational prowess, I love to learn and have benefited greatly, but I am saying that I have merged into a placement of mind and lifestyle that has culminated in heaviness, heaviness emotionally and a heaviness physically that is not contributing to the harvest of living. The indicators were present, I just did not recognize them as significant enough to warrant a response. To have had an intention from an early age would have been optimum but, as so many, the venture of living, just is. We do not even really set an intention. We get what’s handed to us, so to speak, and its with that substance that we begin to build our lives.

The reset is challenging. I am in the process of recalibration and at my age that seems to be happening through remembrance. I cannot fault innovation, that process is never going to stop. Yet, I can tap into those roots of innocence and natural being even those before the uninformed thoughts existed. Perhaps that’s somewhat likened unto how we are designed anyway. The cyclical process of nostalgia gives us a well-rounded viewpoint for the impartation of life. My grandparents passed when I was relatively young. I was a child born to parents of age. I can say that as a result, I did have the interaction with my grandparents in those particular seasons of innocence. The remembrances of their ways are bringing value and worth to my present contemplations. It’s never too late to reorient to what is valuable and real. Those are the foundations on which we build our lives.

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