Stinking thinking

The process of thinking is directly correlated to the alignment of our day. We have this unfathomable ability to bring healing to our emotional and physical self, as well as to our community, simply based on our cognitive viewpoint. When you look out into the world, do you see color? Or, do you find your sight is dulled by that which darkens the corners of your mind? When this line of discussion surfaces, many, yet again, saunter towards those thoughts of defilement; however, today, I want to peer through the lens of “critical” thinking.

Seeing is believing” or does that thought really pan out? The angle with which we approach that which is seen is determinative to the fullness or our ability to actually envision. The magnitude of what seems insignificant, in reality, is potent to those who have a honed and keen eye. Critical thinking is a toxin. The internal observation is well worth our time. Notice, where does your mind go when you enter an unfamiliar environment or meet an unfamiliar individual. We are formed by our conditioning and our view of self. It is from this vantage point that we see, respond and interact with those around us. When we feel unsafe or insecure within our own container, believing the best about someone or about a circumstance is challenging. Being suspect conveniently allows and upholds our desire for disassociation. Beauty and wonder are all around us and often, through no fault of our own, we are unable to see simply because of that which has traumatized in both small and great ways. We watch the news, we hear of tragedy, we are taught to be on guard, perhaps, in some way, merely by nature but also as a result of those who persistently and lovingly instruct with a need to protect.

There is wisdom in having an understanding of reality; yet, our wherewithal internally is dependent on a safe, secure, sense of belonging and joy. I have walked this path. My vision has been so clouded by judgment, in the past, that I’m not certain I could really see at all. The remorse I have felt for opportunity lost, based on my critical thinking, is profound. I can only be present to where I am now and with a sense of gratefulness embrace. Awakening to that which exists, without fearfulness, is the substance of our childhood innocence rediscovered. Criticism is isolating, it is the protective armor which shields us from the exposure of our wounded and vulnerable hearts. Allow your mind to wander today, seeing beyond your cognitive conditioning, examining the thoughts that inhibit the mind’s ability to embrace.

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