Where anything goes

The progression of thought continues, does the prompt of free thinking create a dissonance for responsible living? No, it does not. The mental roadways must be unimpeded for destination creativity. The regulatory process is about safety both for ourselves and those who are traveling along with us. Restraint or the ability to focus develops within the parameters of our conditioning. Intentional instruction within the developmental stages helps to orient those roadways of health. No one is born with a honed navigational system. Value, appreciation, a sense of regulating behavior for the sake of community is adapted through the process of our conditioning. As adults, understanding the origin of our existence helps tremendously with the process of reframing. Chaos in the formative years sets the precedence for what we allow internally and accept externally as the norm.

I was blessed with rhythmic structure in my childhood home. The solidified sense of expectation allowed me to be a child. The responsibility of being an adult is a developmental stage to be accomplished and that characteristic is built upon those stages of early childhood dependency.

Loving and being loved provides the sense of security needed to regulate those emotions as adults. A good, full heart establishes a sense of satisfaction. The objective is to keep our heart full to avert emotional starvation. A ravenous being is a being without boundaries. Finding sustenance, be it community, nourishment, love, belonging, purpose or such, creates a satisfaction that enables that structure. Fill your container and the overflow will most certainly refresh others. We are developing for as long as we live and that process is true for every individual that exists.

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