We all are endowed with a wondrous transportive vehicle that is called imagination. Our imaginative self awakens every morning in tandem with the physicality that gives us our ability to function. Imagination fuels the processes of creativity, as well as productivity, and as a result, we all reap the benefits of that which we can’t visibly even see. It is a remarkable consideration for our comprehension that the most substantive elements of our life began within that which is actually invisible and intangible. It has been said that “To think is to be“, in that I would say there is no such thing as wasted time. Our minds are awake more than they are asleep and in the waking hours the internal explorer never ceases to forage a path. In my conditioning, the regulation of those internal thought processes has been rigorous, suspect and scrutinized for that which inevitably defiles, when in actuality, it is just a dampening effect. As Brene Brown says, “We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” The question is, can we still retain our ability to play.

When the imaginative process is denied a person inevitably loses their sense of whimsy and wonder. It is not regulation that is needed, it is refinement. Toxic emotional responses surface when an individual represses the flow of healthy, meaningful thought and creativity. The birthplace of those offerings reside within the wonder of our imagination. Children access their imaginations with unbridled restraint. It is the means of learning, experiencing, assimilating into a world without reference. They are devoid of that which inhibits our behaviors as adults. Returning full circle, can we name those inhibitions? Can we navigate the terrain that keeps us from scaling the heights of our potential? Tell me now, have we dismissed our imagination as that which only belongs to another generation?

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