That’s what’s bothering me

The emotions that get trapped inside our container based on the “what was” are the toxins to our ability to envision “what will be“. Our mind and body are designed to release and retain, release and retain and anytime we bottle up our emotions, we are creating a blockage to both our physical and mental well being. We are created to emote. I have been taught that feelings are not our guide. The objective was to value mind over matter and let’s face it, our physical brain is quite a processor in that contention. The attempt to control the thought process for regulating purposes was at the forefront of importance, at least, in my adapted world. However, I’m wondering if, in that way of being, there was not a distortion to the neglect of our physicality. Why is it important to examine our thoughts? For the purpose of denial or for the purpose of understanding our cognitive self. I propose the latter.

A critical approach to principled thought processes leads to demise. However, examination for truth leads to understanding, compassion and healing. Anytime we are living in denial mode, we are creating inflammatory pockets for both our emotional and physical existence. Allowing the fluidity of motion is the transportive vehicle for health and well being on every level.

John Mayer, in elegant prose, expresses this idea by exhorting towards communication. “Say what you need to say.” It’s the greatest release of toxicity known to mankind. I can assure you that I understand when someone says, “I can’t find the words.” That statement is real and to be honored. The brain can lock.

What are the barriers? What keeps us locked up in our head? What does it take to verbalize? Is it fear? Is it a cognitive developmental issue? Is it a prompting that requires a response? That dreaded law of physics, “for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction.” What kind of stopper is corking the flow to healthy and meaningful relationships? Not to highly value the spoken word above other means of communication but I do think we embody too much misunderstanding in our attempt to value our ease. Listening to and observing the way in which we communicate is a wondrous experience. Birds chirp, dogs bark, babies cry without inhibition, oh to be so free. I don’t know about you but that’s what’s bothering me.

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