What will be

As in any venture of creativity, a clean slate, an empty page, a fresh canvas can be both exciting and daunting, all at the same time. Starting over when the mind or body is not expecting a new beginning is a challenge in itself. Expecting a change allows for the mental adjustments; however, with traumatic circumstances the mind and body neither one are afforded the luxury of gradual comprehension and inevitably a person feels overwhelmed. Going through the process of “what was” and “what is” is necessary to realign the components of body and mind. Rationale thinking is delayed in traumatic events. As the mind and body comprehend, the decision making components once again become available and it is from this place that our “what will be” surfaces. The time allotted for this process varies from person to person based on the amount of damage that has been done. Internal rubble smothers creativity and traumatic circumstances have that effect.

The “what will be’s” must be filtered through the lens of self compassion, remembering to be realistic and honoring to where we have been in the process. Envisioning is not often easy, even in the best of circumstances, but our vision is vital none the less. Taking the time not necessarily afforded in the earlier seasons of learning to realign with intentionality is a gift that should not be squandered. Experience is an amazing foundation for the “what will be“, knowing what is important and what is wasteful is the structural context for any story that is to be written. Second chances are full of potentiality. The work of reflection and introspection is valid and considered time well spent, especially in seasons of rebuilding.

I’m not here to tell anyone what their structure will be. I’m just here to infuse our ability to dream again. What do you see? Take time to have those discussions with those who can honor and cherish the courage that it takes to desire and dream. After all, those are the kinds of people who will give flight to the wonder of our imaginative processes.

Don’t be afraid to explore, “innovation is the mother of necessity“, there is much truth in that statement and many have benefited from that fact. It’s the second half and the ball is in your court. Aim for the stars.

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